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He is a distinct and forceful voice, a dynamic preacher, called into the apostolic/prophetic and healing ministry. He teaches the word with deep insight into the mind of God for the future. He was raised by a single mother who sacrificed so much in prayer and deeds for his conversion. At age seventeen he accepted the responsibility of the calling of God upon his life, and went on to dedicate his time and life pursuing the calling. He obtained both his diploma and degree in theology from End-Time Army Bible Institute, in Nigeria. He has since then lectured at different Bible schools and graduated pastors.

He began his publications in 2011 with his first book titled "Destiny Digests" which has been a tremendous blessing to lives. In 2014 he obeyed the instruction from the Lord to move to South Africa where God would advance his ministry. His passion to see men and women fulfill their destiny in God has led him to establish a Bible school and training programs to build destinies. His Bible school training programs has produced several church ministers and pastors. He cries for the emancipation of mankind from the bondage to vanity creation [vanity pursuit], that all of humanity was plunged into after the fall.He is very passionate about helping the human race find meaning and purpose for their existence. He is a widely sought after speaker.

‘* The wisdom of life is in the elimination of the non-essentials.
* WHAT to do is what necessitate WHEN and WHO to do it with.’