Genesis 2:15 Purpose defines relevance. It determines worth and value. It brings beauty and order. Without purpose all we have is complete chaos. Lack of purpose is what makes life a problem instead of a gift. I have heard many said, work came as a result of the fall, but no, what came after the fall was hard labor [see Genesis 3:17-19]. Work came because of man’s purpose on earth. Minus purpose, you are useless both to God and men.

What to do is what necessitate when to do it and who to do it with. Those who refused to work, will end up in shame and poverty. In fact, man will be useless to himself if he does not work [respond to his purpose]. Your wealth and honor is hidden in your purpose. Find it and you’ve found true wealth. Let me clarify: your real work is your purpose not your job. Your job is hard labor. Hence the Bible said, God will bless the work of your hand, in Deuteronomy 28:12. It is only the hands of the diligence that shall bear rule

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