Some few selected comments

Let me extend my deepest gratitude to God Almighty for the endowment of such grace and inspiration upon you to put together such a powerful book. I have had an opportunity of perusing through some of the leadership manuals you have written, which we also used in our church. And this book "I Dreamt of a Kingdom" is a type of work that is revelatory of how God has designed how He aught to be worshiped, i.e. 'in spirit and in truth'. I have come to experience and encounter Pastor Suremercies David as the herald of destiny. Calling the attention of this generation to The Quest for Destiny. I think a door has opened where life in the spirit and the order of worship is expounded with such clarity and lends access as he so clearly puts it, into 'the realm of control, the dimension of the spirit. We really appreciate the efforts you've put in this work. You have created in us an expectation for more.”

Bishop Wilson J. Mokiti Senior Pastor
Spirit Fellowship Christ Center

As an editor I mostly read books for editing purposes but this time ʺThe quest for destinyʺ found me in the most desperate time of my Christian life. This book taught me to see God as all fulfilling. As I turned to God, I found joy in the midst of suffering. No longer did I see this season in my life as destruction but as a time of providential guidance toward seeing God as the longed-for object and fulfillment of my soul. The quest for destiny helped turn my desperation into affection.

Xolile Ntshangase

Many in the world write books because of their experiences and skill, but some others write because they are called to write.. SureMercies David is one of those who are called to write. His writings are simple, deep, profound, revelatory and anointed. I went through the book "I DREAMT OF A KINGDOM" and was deeply blessed by his insight into worship. I encourage everyone to get a hold of his books. ...

Ps. Jeph A Senior Pastor
Grace Faith International Church

‘Vision is superior to Ambition and Destiny is superior to Carrier.
You will continue to live below your Make until you Discover your Make in God’